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Established in 2004, Clever Cookies has continued to offer a high quality early learning service to local families.

Centrally located at the entrance to the Greenway Park estate in West Hoxton and close to Horningsea Fire Station, there is easy access to the centre from a safe, quiet street.

Clever Cookies is open 49 weeks of the year, from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday
(closed on public holidays).

We are proud of our fun and relaxed atmosphere which ensures an optimal growing and learning environment. This encourages the children to express themselves, develop positive friendships and develop their knowledge of the world around them.

Small, family
oriented centre
Small, family oriented centre
Large focus on
Social Development
Large focus on Social Development
Qualified & Caring Early Childhood Educators
Daily Nutritous
Daily Nutritous Meals
2 to 6 years
Ages 2 to 6 years



Family owned and operated

The owner is fully involved in the daily operation of the centre and has a university degree in Early Childhood Education, as well as children of her own. The doors for communication are always open between families, children, staff and management. Our centre is not driven by profits or corporate growth.

Group Sizes and Staff Ratios

Our small group sizes ensure more one-to-one interactions with each child. We restrict our daily intake to only 29 children therefore each child successfully forms close relationships with the 3 teachers, support staff and manager of the centre. Group sizes are kept small to ensure the children benefit from their learning activities, as are high staff to child ratios which are maintained at a more effective ratio than the minimum government requirement. This of course means a better standard of care offered to your child.

Optimum Centre Size

We restrict our daily intake to 29 children maximum, therefore we are small enough to offer a nurturing, warm and home-like environment for your child. Yet we are large enough to continue the highest quality educational programs, using the latest technology, equipment and resources. The centre size allows for more one-to-one interactions between staff and children.

Our focus is your child

We focus on forming a positive relationship with your child to ensure they feel safe, secure and confident to approach their teachers. Each child is valued as an individual, as we understand that all children are unique. We work in partnership with parents to foster the child’s strengths and collaborate to build on any weaknesses. Developing confidence and a positive self-esteem for each child is an important part of the daily experiences.


Over the years, we have measured our success over the low staff turnover and a holistic approach to meeting the needs of your child and family. Our staff are our greatest asset. Staff have built positive relations with all families, ensuring confidentiality, honesty and a genuine concern for your child’s well-being is maintained.

Community Involvement

We have developed a strong connection with our local community. Positive relations are maintained with surrounding primary schools, in particular regards to curriculum and school readiness expectations. Several charities are supported throughout the year, the most recent including Lifestart, Leukaemia Australia, Rotary Club and Breast Cancer Foundation. We have also continually sponsored a child over the years via PLAN Australia. We maintain a close relationship with local community services such as the fire brigade and local police.

Family Input:

We pride ourselves on our open communication with our families. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the program or make suggestions on the daily running of the centre. We are also sensitive to the financial considerations of our working and non-working families and therefore maintain affordability without compromise of quality to be an important policy.

Inclusivity and Anti-bias

Our centre is proud of our inclusive relations with all children, families and staff. Our staff are multi-lingual and our daily program, interactions and menu ensures that all children are respected and valued in the centre environment.

Extra-curricular activities and Special days

These are an important part of our centre. We offer a variety of experiences to the children to ensure a rich and stimulating learning program where they are challenged.




A structured School Readiness program is implemented from the start of each year for 3-5 year olds. The program aims to prepare children to be confident and independent in the upcoming school environment. It has proven to be a successful program over the years, and improves each year with appropriate staff, child and family input.

We work closely with kindergarten teachers and co-ordinators of surrounding primary schools to ensure our program exceeds the expectations of pre-kinder curriculums.

The 3-5 year old pre-schoolers focus on extending social, self-help, maths and counting, alphabet recognition and writing, language and communication, thinking, creative, physical, music and movement skills. These are carried out in a variety of mediums including verbal discussions, reading, writing, computer education, drawing, project tasks, role play, singing and visual demonstrations.

The 2-3 year old children have age-appropriate developmental programs which offer opportunities for children to extend skills in the following areas: social, self-help, problem-solving, cognitive, physical, language, creative expression, music and movement. Some of the skills learnt are an introduction to those taught in the pre-kinder years (such as alphabet and number recognition).




Physical health
Gross Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Perceptual Abilities
Social Adaptation
Intellectual Ability

Concentration and Perseverance
Skills in Categorizing
Language Development
Emotional Readiness
Critical Thinking Skills



Our on-site catering service ensures children are supplied with all meals from 7am to 6pm. In line with guidelines from Nutrition Australia and NSW Department of Health, the menu is designed to offer 75% of the nutritional needs for your child. Menus are designed to suit children’s preferences and include a variety of multi-cultural dishes.

The secure, custom-built premises has been custom-designed as a child care centre. The premises offers central heating and air-conditioning, secure multiple entry gates, large open areas for accessible supervision and many windows and glass partitions to allow for natural light.

A brand new outdoor playground has been installed alongside our huge sandpit to foster the children’s interest in outdoor play. A variety of flexible outdoor equipment is offered to the children to encourage gross motor, social and self-help skills.

We offer flexibility and inclusivity for families and children with special requirements, these may include:

Access to bi-lingual information

Accommodation for children with food allergies/intolerances (we maintain strict policies regarding food handling and high-risk foods)

Flexibility in menu to allow for religious considerations and children’s preferences

Affiliations with Inclusion Support agencies to assist children with special needs or concerns

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7am to 6pm
2 to 6 Years


9608 8795
6 Stuart Rd, West Hoxton

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